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All Surface Respray.com is the parent company of We spray furniture .ie and Kitchen Respray.com . Our spray painting history goes back to 1999 when we first started spraying and resurfacing baths, kitchens and furniture. Over the years we have developed into Irelands largest domestic and commercial spray painting company. We have three large commercial spray painting facilities and service the Leinster area.

Our number one focus is quality and customer service. We only use the very best products, equipment and follow all best practice procedures.

We are fully registered, insured and compliant with all health and safety aspects of the industry.

We are members of the Dun Laoghaire chamber of commerce.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our services.

Kitchen Respray.com is a trading name of All Surface Respray. We set it up specifically to fully focus on the kitchen painting and furniture painting aspect of our services. We use state of the art heated spray booths and air power preparation equipment to ensure we deliver that factory finishes every time.

Average kitchens take about three days you can find out more at our main site Kitcherespray.com. This site is focusing on a drop off and collection service.

Spray paint is much more durable than all of the latex varieties and PC paints on the market. This is why you can’t get the same results by repainting the furniture on your own. All Surface Respray works with a commercial-grade product – an essential for superior performance and maximum coverage.

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Paint Quality

If you decide to colour furniture on your own, you’ll probably pick a paint variety from the store. While such products come with major claims and a lot of marketing hype, many of them don’t live up to expectations.

Companies like All Surface Respray work with commercial-grade paint varieties. Apart from being much more environmentally friendly than many of the paints available for DIY projects, the paint varieties that we work with are also incredibly tough. The quality of the coverage and the finish will reduce the risk of cracks and paint that peels off. You’ll enjoy the outcome of the furniture renovation project for years and years to come.

Finish Quality

Finish Quality

Using a brush to paint furniture is far from an optimal choice. Even if you buy the best possible brush, it will still leave some streaks and marks on the surface. These will interfere with the quality of the finish and they’ll also make the layer of paint vulnerable.

Spray painting at home could also be ineffective due to the lack of experience or having a machine that can’t guarantee sufficient coverage. When we spray paint the furniture, you’ll get a smooth and flawless finish. This smooth finish contributes to the paint being tougher and a lot easier to maintain in optimal condition

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Save Money

Save Money

Restore old furniture or buy new items? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. What’s the condition of the old furniture? Are you emotionally attached to the pieces? What’s your budget for the renovation project?

Chances are that you don’t want to throw out some pieces that have been in your home or office for a long period of time. In such instances, opting for furniture respraying will be the smart thing to do.

On top of making the old pieces look brand new, furniture respraying will come with a couple of important money saving benefits.

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